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Acustic Art Panels

Create Beautiful Sound and Interior Design with my Textile Arts

How do my Artistic Acoustic Panels work?

They act as a giant sonic sponge, soaking
up unwanted noise and echo inside your space creating a more comfortable sounding environment. Remember that the Acoustic Panels are sound absorbing panels, not soundproofing panels.
For a larger area and for a bigger impact Textile Art can also hang next to each other.

What are the advantages of this Textile Art?

Original creation and unique design for each piece
of Textile Art Panels.
Handmade 100% by the famous and Professional Artist.
Customized sizes or colors are available.

What materials I use for Panels?

Fiber (natural and syntetic) on a wooden frame.

What sizes are available or you can order?

From W20 x H20 x 4 cm to W140 x H100 x 4 cm
/ W8 x H8 x D1,5 in to W40 x H55 x D1,5 in  (or more on the special request)
Each acoustic panel is custom made in my Art Studio.

What's the purpose of this object?

Wherever you need "Soft Interior Design"
Home , Office, Hotel, Coffee Store or Restaurant, etc

How to buy Acoustic Art Panels.

Please contact me directly (in easiest way you like) for a unique product that combines Original Textile Art and acoustic result.
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