M.Katarzyna Dietrych-Kuzak

If you want to know something about me, take a look at my artworks. There is my mind and heart.

Since I graduated (Master of Fine Arts ) I've created art.
But also for many years I worked as a teacher of art and as a interior decorator.

Four years ago, when my sons grew up I gave up a regular pay.I returned to my first love. I paint, draw, create professionally. I like working with people, in my spare time I work as an Art Consultant, I'm doing artistic workshops with Ecodesign. Sometimes I work in my studio 10 hours or more during a day. I love this.
All of my artworks are copyrighted and they are independent fine art. All of them have a certificate of authenticity.

I have participated in over than 100 collective and individual exhibitions in the Europe The North America and The Asia winning awards and distinctions. I am a scholar at the Department of art and culture.

All photos and texts posted on the site are
protected by copyright. Copying without permission is prohibited!