M.Katarzyna Dietrych-Kuzak

a professional artist. If you want to know something about me, take a look at my artworks. There is my mind and heart. I encourage you to be creative. Look at my artwork and imagine anything you want ! Layout, color shape,expression, sometimes figure will stimulate your imagination to create unique stories.
The most interesting thing is that in my unique artworks you won’t always see obvious things.
But I believe that in colorful sets of spots, lines, triangles, patterns, only if you let your imagination run, you will be surprised
by your own creativity.
Then you will be able to start journey into the world of your own, rich imagination. Enjoy your trip!
If I paint figurative art, I usually want to show more than simple nature of the object.
Here I invite you to travel in art world and your own creativity.

Since I graduated (Master of Fine Arts ) I've created art.
But also for many years I worked as a teacher of art and as a interior decorator.

Two years ago, when my sons grew up I gave up a regular pay. I returned to my first love and now I'm painting, drawing, creating textile art in full time. I have my lovely studio where I show and sell my works. I spend a lot of time on my artworks. Sometimes I work in my studio 10 hours or more during a day. I love this.

From where I have the strength to work so hard ? There is one secret. My inspiration comes from observing the world and its relationship with God. I am pleased to give you a peace of my unique fine art, with all blessings of my joy of creation.
I bring a sacred gift for you, your family, friends or whoever with whom you want to share something worthy, something which can express how important they are for you.

All of my artworks are copyrighted and they are independent fine art. All of them have a certificate of authenticity.